Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Day 79: Recognition

I am a big fan of great customer service. Being on the road a decent amount I deal with customer service often. Tonight I went to dinner at a restaurant in my hotel. Not only my waitress was great, but I noticed the waiter serving the tables next to me was also doing a great job.  After I was done eating and on my way out I asked if I could speak with the manager. When he came over I told him that his employees were fantastic and gave great customer service and I wanted to make sure he was aware of that. The manager was very gracious and mentioned that people normally only ask to speak with the manager if something was wrong so he was happy to hear of my experience. He then asked if I would like dessert on the house. I was stuffed so I turned it down, but this got me thinking about how powerful the act of paying it forward in simple kindness can be.  First, it was my waitress being nice, then because of her generosity, it was my turn to pass it on and tell the manager and in turn, he passed it back to me by offering free dessert. Good stuff.

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