Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Day 148: Traveling Brings Opportunities

I have found that when traveling it is very easy to find opportunities to help people.  The only thing is you need to be aware and looking for the opportunities when traveling.  I sometimes am so focused on what I am doing and where I need to be that I get tunnel vision and miss opportunities to help. Today's act is very similar to one I did earlier in the year.  When I was boarding my flight today, I was lucky enough to have an open seat next to me. Being that I was on a 3.5 hour flight...this was going to be very helpful.  Then I noticed a mom and her 1 year old crammed in a seat across the aisle. I figured she would appreciate the extra room more than I would so, today for my act of kindness, I offered up my seat to her.  She couldn't thank me enough and this made me feel really good.

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