Thursday, May 9, 2013

Day 129: Be Positive

So I have tried to do this act a few times already this year however I wasn't able to complete it any of those times.  Today I was able to complete it.  My act of kindness for today was to not say or think one negative thing for the entire day.  I even had my carpool friends hold me accountable.  On the ride in this morning I told them that if they heard me say anything negative today that they should call me out on it and I would not use it as my act for the day.  Yesterday when I tried this, I didn't even make it through my ride to work.  This was definitely a difficult act to follow through on.  There were a few times throughout the day where I had to catch myself before saying something negative.  I must say though, because of my mindset, I was in a pretty good mood all day long.

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