Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 126: Post Office Run

I usually don't get home from work until about 6pm every night and with my daughter's bedtime being 6:30pm, it only gives me a small window to spend time with her.  So today's act might seem like a small one, but when I get home 30 minutes later than usual, it is actually a pretty big deal.

A friend at work is trying to get tickets to an event for this summer and it is essentially luck of the draw to get tickets.  To better his odds of getting tickets, he asked me this morning if I would send in a check to try and get tickets as well.  I said no problem, however I did not have a checkbook at work and in order to qualify for the tickets the mail needed to be dated for today.  So that basically meant I would need to grab a check when I got home and take it to the post office before it closes at 7pm.  So that is what I did for my act of kindness today.  I hope he gets the tickets!

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