Friday, May 10, 2013

Day 130: Sympathy Card

As I stated earlier in this year, I am a huge dog person.  We have a three year-old boxer named Paisley and she is a huge part of our family.  My wife never had a pet before we got Paisley so she was a little leery of getting a big dog however if you ask her today about how she feels about having a dog she would tell you that she could't imagine not having Paisley in her life.  That brings me to the one negative about having a dog....the inevitable day that always arrives too soon; the day you need to say good-bye.  Wether it is old age, illness or an is always very difficult.  Our friends, a few days ago, went though this with their dog.  Our thoughts are definitely with them so for my act of kindness we sent them a sympathy card today telling them how sorry we were to hear of their loss.

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