Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Day 121: Public Speaking Anxiety

I think I read it somewhere that the number one fear of people is not spiders, or heights, or sharks, but public speaking.  I can understand this.  Although it is not my biggest fear, it is definitely something that gives me anxiety.  Over the years I have found how to combat this fear, and that is to be really really prepared for what I am going to say.  With that being said, I am the best man in a wedding coming up in three weeks which means I will be needing to give a speech in front of hundreds of people. I can already feel my palms starting to sweat. I think the best man speech is something that is really important to take seriously and put some thought in to.  My brother gave an awesome speech at my wedding and it is something I will never forget.  So that is why for my act of kindness today I took time to write my speech for the wedding.

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