Monday, April 8, 2013

Day 98: Good Parenting

Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am someone who is very aware of their surroundings and this can be very annoying for me.  Take for example whenever my wife and I go to see a movie, even if we have our pick of all the seats, we will take the two seats on the far side of the theater because there is an aisle between anyone who would sit next to us.  I have been burned too many times by picking a seat in the middle and then having an inconsiderate/loud person plop down next to me.  Again, I am not sure if this is truly the case of them being loud, or just me being over-sensitive.(If you ask my parents, they will probably say the latter because of all the looks I have given them over the years while eating/watching shows with them.  My father has the loudest mouth when eating in the history of mouths while eating.  It defies all logic.  I sometimes just listen in amazement.  I almost think he is intentionally chewing loud to get at me.  How can one person's mouth be so loud will eating something like soup?!?)  I think it might be a little bit of both.  Never mind the fact that with the options theaters give you, it is nearly impossible to be quiet.  I have never understood why popcorn and candy in plastic bags are the most popular items to get at a movie.  It seems illogical if you ask me.  No one is going to the theater to hear the person next to them chomping down on some crunchy popcorn, followed by listening to them search through a crinkly bag to find a red sour patch kid.  Even thinking about this gives me anxiety.  I just want to watch my movie in peace!!!! If I owned a movie theater popcorn would not be available.  Stuff like cotton candy would be an option. Wow this was a tangent I didn't entirely mean to go whole point of this was just to illustrate that I can get frustrated when I have noisy people next to me and I have no where to go.

Today, when I was finding my seat on the plane, I realized I must have pulled the short straw when selecting my seat because I got the dreaded pleasure of sitting next to a toddler for my flight.  Plus this toddler had a line-up of snacks ready to go.  I buckled in for a long flight of gross displays of eating and lots of noise.  However, my flight neighbor turned out to be the most well behaved people (not just kids) I have ever sat next to. It was a fantastic flight.  So much, that for my act of kindness, I followed the kid after the flight (keep reading...this isn't how it sounds) until he connected with his mom in the tunnel.  I had to compliment her on having such a well-behaved kid and let her know how much I appreciated it!!  She was very happy to hear the compliment.

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