Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 111: Gift Card for Next in Line

Whenever I use a gift card I try to make sure to use it all up because it is annoying to me when I have a small amount left on the card.  I typically will then buy something I don't need, or will pocket the card and end up losing it.  I decided to go with a different option today.  I went in to Home Depot to pick up a dust buster.  When I used my gift card to pay, I ended up with a balance of $5 left on the card.  Instead of going with either of the previously stated options, I thought I would help a stranger instead. So today for my act of kindness, I gave my gift card to the next person in line.  The person I gave it to said I made their day so I feel like it was a much better choice than eventually losing the card or buying candy or something else useless.

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