Thursday, January 31, 2013

Day 31: Bake Sale for Good Cause

In nine days I will be jumping in a frozen lake for a good cause.  Today, with the help of a lot of great co-workers, I raised money to ensure my boss will be jumping in with me.  The event is called the "Polar Plunge, Toss Your Boss" and its goal is to raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics. In order to "toss your boss" in the lake, the team is required to raise a minimum of $1000.  When my co-worker and I originally took this proposition to our boss, he was hesitant to the idea,  but since it is for a good cause he agreed that if we could raise the money, he would jump in the lake.  Part of me thinks the reason he accepted is because he didn't think we would get the money raised. He was wrong.

My co-workers and I decided to organize a bake sale for today.  Fortunately for me, I work with people who are so quick to help. We ended today by raising $750! On top of that, my company matched the first $500 we raised.  So in total we raised $1250.  And my boss is going in the drink!

If anyone would like to contribute to this cause and donate to the Special Olympics that would be great.  You can click here and it will take you to my team's donation page.   

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