Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 19: Helped the Homeless

Madison, Wisconsin is not a huge city, but it is a big college town.  The campus of the University of Wisconsin is intertwined with downtown. The most popular street in the area is State Street.  For about a 10 block stretch where no cars are allowed, you will find restaurants, theaters, bars and locally owned retail shops. With all the options, plus with the street being on campus, there is a huge variety of people you will find in the area, including homeless people.  

The first post I wrote for this blog I mentioned the type of person I want my daughter to be when she grows up. I wrote that I want her to be someone who is slow to judge but quick to help.  When it comes to homeless people, I think it can be very easy to judge and look the other way, which is not the right thing to do.  I have no idea what has happened in these individuals life to put them on the streets, and in almost all cases, it shouldn't matter.  All that matters is they are people in need of help.  So, today for my act of kindness, my wife and I made some turkey sandwiches and gave them out to a group of homeless people on State Street. They were very appreciative and thanked us several times as we were walking away.

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