Friday, January 25, 2013

Day 25: Box Tops for Education

I've said it before, but I come from a home of educators.  My mom is a retired teacher and my wife currently teaches for the Madison school district, so I am always looking for ways to support teachers and schools.  Today, my wife told me about box tops for education.  This is fundraising effort for schools where all people need to do is look for the "box top for education" logo on various products such as cereal, hamburger helper, kleenex, etc., then they need to cut out the logo and bring it to their school.  Last year, schools raised over $74 million and $475 million since 1996!  So, today for my act of kindness, my wife and I promised to start cutting the box tops out whenever we see them to do our part.  We have a bowl in the kitchen we will put these in and hand them in at the end of each month.

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