Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 89: Long Overdue

What I will look like in a few short weeks!

For the last couple of years I have tried multiple times to get in better shape.  I have used many different forms of motivation like spending too much money on supplements, gym memberships and at home workout DVDs. I also signed up for the ToughMudder last year, which is a 12 mile obstacle course, in hopes that it would force me to get in better shape. Well it didn't, and although I was able to finish the ToughMudder, it definitely wasn't pretty. So in the end, none of my motivations have worked.  I would always start off strong, but after a couple weeks I would find an excuse to not workout and before I knew it I stopped completely.

Well today, I am trying a new tactic, and I will be using all of you as my motivation.  There have been days so far in the year that it would have been easier to not write about an act of kindness, but when I think about the amount of people that read this (Over 21,000 views so far) it motivated me to find time. So I thought if I committed on here to working out everyday that it would help keep me accountable.  With that being said, going forward, I will not write this blog each day until I have done some sort of exercise or have it planned to work out right after. Hopefully it works because I have already registered for the ToughMudder in September!

I thought this is another one of those, is it really an act of kindness things...?  But the more I got thinking about it the more I realized that being healthy has an impact on not just me.  It will make me a better dad and husband in the long run.  Plus it is important to be kind to yourself!

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