Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Day 78: A Ride for a Stranger

Today was another one of those days where I didnt need to find a kind act to do, my kind act found me. I was driving to lunch when I noticed a car on the side of the road with their hazard's on.  A little ways in front I saw an older lady walking away from the car. I pulled over and asked her if she needed help. It turned out her car had run out of gas and she was planning on walking to the nearest gas station. I was a little hesitant but it was pretty obvious to me this person was telling the truth and needed help. There was a gas station about a mile away so I offered to give her a ride. She was very happy that I offered to help and thanked me probably 10 times in the minute it took me to drive her to the gas station. When we got to the gas station I helped her fill up a gallon and drive her back to her car. She was so appreciative when I dropped her off that she tried to give me $20. I turned it down and told her to just do me a favor and help the next person she saw in need.

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