Monday, July 29, 2013

Day 210: That Sinking Feeling

Don't you hate that feeling you get when you misplace something important like keys or a wallet? I couldn't find my wallet a few days ago and it drove me nuts.  It got to the point where I couldn't concentrate on anything else until I found it.  Good thing my wife was able to track it down for me and I was able to relax.

Tonight, after work, I went to pick up pizza.  When I was waiting for my order I noticed a credit card on the floor.  At first I thought it was mine but when I went to pick it up I realized is was a stranger's card. So today, for my act of kindness, I helped a stranger find their lost credit card.  I ended up bringing it to the employees and they were able to match the name to a person who just picked up an order 20 minutes ago.  They gave her a call and told her they had her card.  This was a simple gesture but one that I know was appreciated!

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