Sunday, July 14, 2013

Day 195: Pizza Sunday

I have found that some of the most fun acts that I have done this year involve a third party helping me out.  And the reason I think this is the case is because it gets more people involved in being part of kind acts which helps raise awareness! Today is Sunday, so that means I made a trip to Papa Murphy's to pick up some pizza.  When I was finished paying for my food, I grabbed $5 out of my wallet and asked the cashier if he would do me a favor.  I asked him if he could put that $5 towards the next person's order.  You could tell he was a little surprised at first and then he asked why I wanted to do this....I responded by saying I just wanted to do something nice for a stranger today. He was more than happy to do this and actually responded by saying, "Now that is something I can totally get behind." So even though I didn't see the reaction of the person who received the $5...I still could tell that my gesture was making a difference even before it was done, and that is pretty cool!

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