Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Day 197: Only Took $1

Sometimes it doesn't take much to make a difference in someone's day. A lot of times is doesn't take anything but taking the time to help.  Today however, it only took $1 to help a stranger.  I was in line at FedEx waiting to send out a package today.  There was an old guy in front of me who was trying to do the same thing.  When the cashier told him how much it was to ship his package the old man was taken back.  He had no idea it was going to cost that much and he didn't bring enough cash to cover it.  It turned out he was about 83 cents short.  I waited a little bit to see if the cashier was going to help....this just turned out to be a waste of time.  The cashier just gave a look to the old guy like....well that sucks.  This is when I decided to help out.  Today for my act of kindness I gave a stranger $1 to help ship his package.

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