Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 193: Mosquitos Suck

Tomorrow is a big day for my neighborhood.  It is the annual Mammoth trail "block" party.  It is kind of a big deal for all of us on the street. We even get a permit so we can close down our street for the day so the kids can play in the road without worrying about cars coming through.  It is also a day all the adults look forward to.  it gives us all a little bit of an opportunity to relax, have some drinks and just have a good time.  I have no doubt that the end of the night will conclude with some sort of bonfire so today for my act of kindness, I want to make sure we were prepared.  I took a trip to a park nearby and filled up my SUV with wood to help keep the fire going tomorrow night.  It went well despite the mosquitos.  I got ripped apart, but it will all be worth it tomorrow. I think. I itch all over.

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