Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Day 163: Only Took a Penny

I was a cashier when I was in high school.  I remember that whenever someone purchased something that was $19.99 the total would come out to $21.01.  People used cash a lot more back then so I chose to give a lot of pennies away as opposed to giving someone .99 cents back in change.  Today after work I had to pick something up at Target.  When I was checking out the person in front of me ended up getting the dreaded total of $xx.01, and they were also paying with cash. I analyzed the situation for about a second and realized that the person paying didn't even realize they were about to get a fistful of change, and also the cashier was not giving it away that he was about to loan a penny.  So today, for my act, I gave a penny to the cashier to even out the change.  The guy thanked me for the gesture and went on his way with cash instead of change.

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