Thursday, June 6, 2013

Day 157: Farewell Bossman

I have been pretty fortunate to work for some really great bosses so far throughout my career.  Today was a going away party for one of those bosses. It is definitely sad to see him go but in the year I have been at Lands' End I have learned a lot from him and really appreciate the type of leader he was for this company.  

Whenever we have after work events, I always need to make a decision.  Emma's (my daughter who is one) bedtime is around 630pm so if I go to anything after work hours I don't get to see my daughter that day.  In most cases the decision is pretty simple.  I love spending time with her and it is always the best part of my day.  People might sometimes think I'm boring, or don't do anything but I do not care.  Family comes first.  However there are somethings I do make that sacrifice for. So today, for my act of kindness, I didn't see my daughter tonight and instead went to say farewell to a great boss at his going away party.  

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