Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Day 235: Raffle Ticket

I remember when I was a kid, I used to absolutley dominate raffles. You might be asking yourself, how could one "dominate" a raffle? Well I don't have a good answer for you except that to tell you that I literally won every raffle I entered into as a kid. It was comical. I won bikes, video games, candy...you name it, I won it. Fastfoward to adulthood, I win nothing in raffles. It is almost to the point that I don't even enter them anymore. I'm not sure where my luck went...but I defintely do not have it anymore. That being said, one of my cowrokers today was attempting to sell some raffle tickets. I, at first, rejected because of my afermentioned adulthood luck, but then he told me that he had 15 left to sell and not much time left to sell them. So, I decided that for my act of kindness today, I would roll the dice one more time and buy a raffle ticket to help out a coworker. Fingers crossed.

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