Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 216: I'm Back!

Remember me?!

So in my last post was titled, "Going Dark." I originally had planned on this only being for the weekend however, as I'm sure most of you had noticed, it turned out to be quite a bit longer than that. I apologize! I have had some personal issues to go through along with closing on a new house a couple of weeks ago so I had to take a little break with the acts.  However, I am back now and excited to get going again!

Now some of you might be wondering....well what went on as far as kind acts over the past 30 days? I am glad you asked! Since I wasn't writing about my act each day, I ended up taking a little more of a reactive approach with performing kind acts.  When an opportunity presented itself, I made sure to act, however there were many days when kind opportunities didn't come up.  Because of this I am behind for my acts compared to the calendar year.  I have decided that regardless I will complete 365 acts of kindness.  Now that might mean some days will include multiple acts, or that my journey is going to go into 2014.  Whatever the case, I will make sure that 365 acts are completed! I am very energized and motivated to get this going again!

Below is a list (along with brief description) of acts that were done while I was away from the blogosphere!

Day 216: Left camping materials for next guests.

  • When we got up to the cabin we quickly realized there were some essential items that we would need. i.e. Charcoal, playing cards, fire wood, garbage bags etc.  When the weekend was over I decided to leave everything leftover behind so the next group to rent out the cabin wouldn't need to get so much!

Day 217: Started recruiting members members for the Alzheimer's Walk

  • The walk is next Sunday the 15th in Madison.  My dad is battling this disease currently and I wanted to walk for him along with anyone else who has been affected by this monster. If you are reading this and want to walk with me just send me a message and I will get you details.

Day 218: Let woman go ahead of me in line at Target and helped her put her items in cart.

  • She seemed in a rush and I was not.  She thanked me 5 separate time.  It just goes to show that it can be the little things that make a difference sometimes.

Day 219: Was an usher in a good friend's wedding

Day 220: Brought a runaway dog back to it's owner

  • The dog's name was Fergie.  It weighed about 3 pounds and although it's legs were moving quick, it's body wasn't. The dog was very easy to wrangle in and return to the owner who was running out of her house.

Day 221: Brought a housewarming gift to new homeowners

  • As someone who just bought a house, I can attest that gifts are always welcomed!
Day 222: Left a generous tip for my haircut

Day 223: Donated to a local park

  • Contributed a few dollars to a park in my town.  This park contains a splash park which seems to be one of my daughter's favorite places to go!

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