Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Day 162: Using My Vacation Days

Today I decided to use my vacation days before I lose them for my act of kindness.  I know, I know....you probably are saying to yourself "how is taking vacation days an act of kindness?" Well I will try and do my best to explain my thought process on this one.

I am one of those people who never uses vacation days.  Besides my honeymoon, I think I have used two days in my last seven years of work.  My past employers either had the vacation carry over, or paid it out so I never could really justify using days.  Plus I didn't have a daughter I was dying to get home to when I worked at those other places.  With my current employer, if I don't use the days I lose them and that is what I was about to do until I decided today that I really wanted to spend some more time with my family over the summer.  So today, I strategically scheduled my vacation days which will give me a few 5 and 6 day weekends over the next couple months. This will give a couple extra days when we visit my family in Door County two times this summer and also a few extra days to just be at home and hang out with my wife and daughter over my birthday weekend. This will definitely give me a few nice breaks from work but more importantly (and where the act of kindness comes in) it will give my parents a lot more Emma time and also give Emma a lot more Daddy time over the summer.  I guarantee you, my parents and Wife will definitely consider this a worth kind act. :)

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