Sunday, September 22, 2013

Day 239: Foosball Table

Well todays kind act was sort of bitter sweet.  I bought a foosball table a couple of years ago and I had visions of playing it every night.  Unfortunately this never happened.  In fact I probably only played it around five times.  Because of this, plus the fact I am in some need for some extra money, I decided to sell the table.  Today a stranger emailed me that he was interested in coming to look at the table.  I noticed in his email signature he had a quote pertaining to the Marines.  When he stopped by the house and looked at the table he decided he wanted to buy it but mentioned he had a pretty tight budget.  Long story short, after finding out he is a Marine, I cut him a deal as a small gesture of kindness to thank him for his service.  I basically went $50 lower than I had originally anticipated being willing to go.  Hopefully they will get much more use out of the table than I was able to.

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