Friday, October 11, 2013

Day 249: Bullies Suck

This actually happened late last night, but I wanted to write about it today anyways. While I was walking to dinner last night something pretty frustrating happened. There was a guy walking probably 30 feet ahead of me who was a pretty big guy weight wise. Unfortunately for him there was a group of about five kids probably around the ages of 10 on the sidewalk. When the guy walked by them, I heard one of the kids say to him, "wow you are a fat ass," and all the other kids started laughing and pointing at him. The guy, to his credit, just laughed it off and walked away. I however felt terrible for the guy. As soon as I got up to the kids I told them they were really rude and they shouldn't treat strangers like that. They then continued to call me some names. I wasn't about to get in a back and forth with these kids, but I did feel like I needed to stand up for that guy. He actually looked back when he heard me talking to the kids and gave me a nod. I truly doubt I was able to get through to any of the kids that what they were doing was wrong, but the fact that the stranger knew someone stood up for him was more than enough for me. So today, for my act of kindness, I spoke up when I saw someone being bullied. I encourage everyone on here to do the same thing if you see it. This World doesn't need bullies.

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