Monday, October 7, 2013

Day 246: Travel Time Again

I am back to that time of year where I need to travel from time to time. Althougb I am not too excited to leave the family, there is one positve about it....there are a lot more opportunities to help people. I have had a difficult time recently trying to find kind acts because I have been stuck in such a routine...being on the road opens up a lot of opportunities for kindness. It didn't take long this morning to run into my first opportunity. Going through security in the airport can be a stressful thing. Since I travel a decent amoount, I have figured out the system. Unfortunatley, not everyone has figured it out. I was behind an enderly gentleman today and it was clear to me he was very confused on what to do. So, instead of standing there impatiently, I decided to assist him, So today for my act of kindness, I helped a stranger get through security.

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