Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking forward to a great year....

First off, I wanted to say that I got this idea from an old co-worker, Ryan Garcia.  A year ago today, he started a project where he committed himself to doing one random act of kindness per day for the entire year.  I am sure it wasn't easy, but he accomplished it and today is the last day of his project.  So I just wanted to say congrats to Ryan and also thank you for giving me this idea.  

Tomorrow, I plan on beginning my own journey.  7 months ago I became a father to a little girl.  I used to always be the person who just lived in the moment, but recently I have been thinking a lot about the future. What she will look like? How tall she will be? What hobbies will she have?…etc.  However, the main thing that I think about is what kind of person she will become.  I want her to be kind, thoughtful and just an overall good person.  Someone who is slow to judge and quick to help.  I want her to make this world a better place.  And I know I have a huge role in determining that future.  Starting tomorrow, I will do my best to make someone's day a little better each day of 2013.  I will be doing an act of kindness for someone every day.  I will do these acts for family, friends and complete strangers and I will blog about what I did each day.  My goal for this year is multi faceted: I want to improve people's lives, become a better person, and most importantly, become a role model for my daughter.  I also hope to inspire people to do more good like Ryan did for me.   

Right now I have plans for about 90 acts, which leaves about 9 months of acts to come up with.  Please message or text me if you have any ideas for acts of kindness.  Also, please spread the word to everyone you know.  Like Ryan, I will be donating 10 cents to a charity or a good cause at the end of 2013 for every follower.  Please follow me on twitter @365kindacts or like me on Facebook at 365 Kind Acts for 2013


  1. So wonderful to see someone carrying on where Ryan left off. I followed him a bit, too, and read a lot of his blog posts. I tried to get things in there as much as I can, but just haven't worked in the time to post every day. A few things this week: donated 5 bags of children's shoes, bought my mom roses, left quarters in the carts at Aldi, made my dad carrot cake (his favorite dessert), filled 5 bags with children's books my kids no longer use to donate to a school, provided candy for nurses taking care of my father-in-law in hospital. A few other ideas for you - I love doing things for vets. Send cards or personal care items to the Manteno Veterans Home, go to an Honor Flight to welcome a vet back from a flight or make cards that they'll pass out on mail call aboard the plane to Washinton DC to see the WWII memorial, go to and select a random soldier to send a letter or care package to. Best wishes on your journey this year. Looking forward to following along.

  2. That's awesome Carrie! Thank you so much for the ideas. I will definitely be using them.